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The Beach Park


Here, nature was very generous.

The idyllic landscape of Porto das Dunas does not deny: o Beach Beach Park could not have any other

Porto das Dunas is located in Aquiraz, 20 km from Fortaleza. It was here that, in 1985, the best aquatic complex of the country was created.

The Hotels


In these almost 30 years of history, Beach Park has grown and today it is impossible not to mention it when we talk about tourism in Ceará.

Thousands of tourists visit, approve and return to Beach Park every year. The infrastructure of more than 200.000 square meters has a Park, four Resorts and a pleasant beach area, where visitors can experience and unforgettable culinary experience.

More than 1000 employees understand and contribute to the Beach Park philosophy: to make people happy – and not only our guests. Everyone deserves to be happy here, and this is why in 2013 Beach Park was awarded with the Great Place to Work seal and was considered one of the best companies to work in the country.

Unlike other water parks in the world, created in beachless places, outside cities and along highways, Beach Park has a tropical DNA. Each year, foreigners and locals attest: the beach is the best place to be happy, and happiness grows even more when you have a smiles factory by the sea.

Water Park

Beach Park has over 18 unforgettable attractions, rated as radical, moderate or for the whole family. More than 7.793.000 liters of water ensure lots of fun and adrenaline to our visitors.

Besides the security and quality of our rides, it is impossible not to notice the entire atmosphere of the destination. Our staff works with the pleasure of making you happy. In addition, the beach, besides bringing good vibes, is a plus. We are one of the few beachfront water parks in the world.

The Beach Park leads the environmental development of Porto das Dunas with large initiatives. Promote the sustainable use of natural resources, energy conscious consumption, pollution prevention, proper disposal of waste, among other measures you can check here in our Environmental Policy.


Beach Park Beach

If you want to enjoy the seaside but not give up a good quality service, you will love our Beach Restaurant. Located between Beach Park Suites Resort and Beach Park Acqua Resort, the space brings the best paradisiacal view of Porto das Dunas. Visitors can also check out the delicious cuisine and the Chandon Bubble Lounge. Fun on the beach in a way that you have never seen.


Below you can see the main awards won by the Beach Park complex.



Beach Park Bus

Beach Park has a shuttle service that can be used by any guest.
Head to your nearest point of sales to secure your spot.

Marina Park Hotel (EN) 9:40
Carmel Express Hotel 9:30
Magna Praia Hotel (EN) 9:50
Ponta Mar Hotel (EN) 9:55
Praiano Hotel (EN) 10:00
Seara Praia Hotel (EN) 10:10
Beach Park Beach Park 10:50

Returns start at 5 p.m.

For more information: + 55 (85) 4012.3087 (Mon to Fri - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)