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At Beach Park, everyone becomes a kid again.
With something for all ages and interests Beach Park offers fun for thos looking to relax and adrenaline junkies.

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Water safety

Fun is better with safety. Here at Beach Park, we take care of everything so you just worry about being happy. Therefore, in all attractions, trained and certified lifeguards are always ready, attentive and willing to help in any eventuality.

Lifeguards at Beach Park have Jeff Ellis & Associates qualification, an international certificate of lifeguards on Integral Water Management Program Risk (PIGRA) qualification. The certification is renewed every quarter, which ensures recycling of knowledge and dynamic work of our employees.

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Cabin Space

After having lots of fun, how about relaxing in comfortable huts? There are eight private cabins located in the heart of the park, near Maremoto. It is the perfect strategy for those who want to enjoy the fun, but do not wish to give up the comfort and exclusivity.

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Check out the possibilities

You can place a cabin by the following values:



R$300,00 + R$80,00(deposit) + R$5 (consumption card)



R$350,00 + R$80,00(deposit) + R$5 (consumption card)

Large Island


R$450,00 + R$80,00(deposit) + R$5 (consumption card)

All cabins are equipped with one TV set with paid programming and four towels.

There is also the option of towel rental, costing R$ 10/day + R$ 30 (deposit). For more information, visit the Guest Cabin.


In dry or steam options, saunas are perfect for those who want to relax in the midst of so much adrenaline.


Fun for your hunger! Check out the water park’s options. There are six restaurants distributed throughout the entire area of the park and that preserve the family atmosphere of the place.

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Wave bar

Located next to Maremoto, here your hunger cannot wait! You will find quick meals such as hot dogs, snacks and beverages.

beach kebabe

Kebabs, cassava dumplings and the best Brahma beer are here. Located in front of Insano, Beach Kebabe is perfect for those wanting to relax and appreciate nice snacks.


Burger, fries and soda - who does not like it? Here you can enjoy the finest fast food cuisine. BeachBurguer is located close to Insano.


Next to Correnteza Encantada, you will find snacks, cheese bread, ice cream, cookies and other goodies. Sarcoffee also sells cigarettes.


Acquaburguer is located right next to Acqua Show and has everything you need to recharge. Sandwiches, snacks, cookies, beers, sodas and more.

beach grill

Beach Grill receives up to 1000 people per hour. It is a spacious and comfortable space in which visitors can enjoy gastronomic delights in a varied self-service.

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Today the park is closed

During Outubro, the park will be open for 27 days.
Altogether, there will be 178 days of fun in 2017!

The box office opens at 10:30am and the Water Park is open from 11am to 5pm.

This calendar is subject to change without notice.
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«November 2017»
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Tickets for the Water Park

O valor do ingresso é relativo ao acesso ao Parque Aquático e, portanto, o Beach Park se reserva no direito de ter
alguns de seus equipamentos fora de operação em função de manutenção, adversidade climática, escala funcional, etc.

Beach Card

Beach Card is the best way to get a free pass to Beach Park. With 1, 3 and 7-year plans, we launched Beach Card Vaikuntudo, which brings new and compelling benefits.

With Beach Card, you save and have exclusive discounts at Beach Park and partner venues. Get yours now!

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Special needs

Special toilets and wheelchairs available in the park.

First-aid post

The park has a well-equipped clinic with ambulance, defibrillator, medications and a team of qualified professionals, ready to handle emergencies.


Available only during high season (from 12/20 until after Carnival, and from 07/01 to 07/31).


Dispomos de armários para que você possa guardar seus objetos com segurança. Os armários podem ser encontrados nas versões pequeno e grande com os seguintes valores:

- Armário pequeno 1 dia:
R$ 25,00 + R$30,00 (R$ 25,00 caução da chave + R$ 5,00 cartão consumo)
- Armário pequeno 3 dias:
R$ 58,00 + R$30,00 (R$ 25,00 caução da chave + R$ 5,00 cartão consumo)
- Armário grande 1 dia:
R$47,00 + + R$30,00 (R$ 25,00 caução da chave + R$ 5,00 cartão consumo)
- Armário grande 3 dias:
R$ 113,00 + + R$30,00 (R$ 25,00 caução da chave + R$ 5,00 cartão consumo)

Atenção: Valor sujeito a alteração sem aviso prévio.